So there has been huge fanfare about the new Facebook homepage redesign and what it means to developers, businesses and ultimately the end-user. Sadly, I am not the lucky recipient who fell within the 80 million users worldwide were privy to get a taster of the new Facebook homepage.

Although there has been a mixed reception on the new Facebook homepage, on paper it does sound like a user-friendly setup. The aim it seems to keep everything a maximum of 2 clicks away. Something that wasn’t a real problem to me, but as I am all for making my life easier this does sound appealing. The new photo uploader, according to the team at Facebook, was an open source uploader that did make life a hassle. For the first time, the new uploader will be able to run in the background while you surf Facebook- bonus. Finally, search will be organised by people and their proximity to you. Making the experience even more personal and indiviualised.

New Facebook Design

Developers weren’t left in the dark either, there is the creation of HipHop for php (Facebook made this open-source), which is a way to get code out easier and the option to ask users to divulge email address to developers. (Gone are the pesky notifications: a joy for the user and bit of a hiccup for developers).

Facebook is a mere 6 years old, a toddler by age but a giant in terms of its story. Its development has been one from ‘Who are you?’ to ‘What is happening?’. These latest adaptations are definitely organising online information in terms of the individual user. In other words, local experiences powered by the individual.

My opinion is very limited, as I have not been able to try it out first hand. But I am sure that all the critics will be silenced in the next few days when the old Facebook is but a mere whisper in the outer corners of their minds. If I do have one criticism though, it is that I wasn’t chosen to sink my teeth into the new design. A comment that a friend made on my Facebook page sums up my feelings best “I’d rather have the new one and be unhappy like everyone else”

Here is a Video from Mashable, it’s an interview with Facebook Product Manager Peter Deng. It explains all the new features pretty simply:

Here is another great video of Mark Zuckerberg and his team launching the new Facebook homepage.