The police in the US have found a new use for Facebook. From finding missing people and posting surveillance footage asking the public to help identify the people in the videos, various departments have created pages on Facebook hoping to gather additional information from the public.

The law needs to be able to pass on information quickly, accurately and be available 24/7 and Facebook was a perfect fit. According to the post on Inside Facebook “I thought that would be a good way to open up communication between the public and our police department,” said Officer Muntean. “A lot of people just feel more comfortable posting on the Wall than talking on the phone.” And we agree.

Different states and different communities have their local police force on Facebook at their disposal; and it seems to be a winning recipe the page for The Chicago Police Department, for example, is growing exponentially.

This is adding an additional avenue for law enforcement to help their local communities, and integrate themselves into the lives of the very people that they are protecting. Will be interesting to see if any other public establishments will follow suit.