This could easily have been called ‘How to lose your dream job in one foul swoop’. Why? Well… This is the story of the new 4G iPhone and how the world has got its hands on this top-secret phone.

Due to the stupidity of a rookie engineer at apple (to name and shame him: Gray Powell), the new iPhone has been unearthed. In short, he went out drinking and left it on a bar stool. Silly. Silly. Silly.

For a good giggle take a look at Gray Powell’s story of him losing the 4G iPhone take a look at this link. But if you are more interested in the specs of the new iPhone and its improvements then take a look here.

First impression? It looks sleek, beautiful and oh so desirable.

(The one thing that keeps on bugging me though could this not be a deliberate move by Steve Jobs and the cool kids at apple? What better way to create hype post iPad than accidentally leaking the latest iPhone. If apple knows how to do one thing great, it is to create hype and excitement around its products.)