This has just been confirmed: Twitter is working on a major redesign of its web interface. Twitter’s lead designer has just confirmed and revealed a preview of what’s to come.

Doug Bowman, the head of Twitter’s design team, posted a teaser picture displaying the new interface. While it doesn’t reveal much, it does show that the profiles are being overhauled, and so are the little bits of info and statistics that are displayed on profiles.

twitter interface redesign

As you can see from the image, new stats displayed on profiles include the amount of days you have been on Twitter, the average number of tweets you send per day, and the percentage of @replies recently.

Well it is about time that the twitter web interface got an overhaul. With the majority of twitter users still using the web interface to tweet it is something of a necessity. The new interface definitely has a tweet deck feel to the design if you ask me… which is great. What do you guys think of the new design?