This excites both the geek and the pseudo creative in me. An amazing interactive music video, jumping dots and HTML 5. What else could a girl ask for?

So what is HTML 5 really and why is it making me so giddy? It’s a new weapon in Google’s arsenal and is actually still in developmental stages; whops. Although this is the case, it has already been crowned as the next major revision of the HTML standard – no small feat for something that hasn’t officially been launched yet.

HTML 5 is essentially what is used to create and present content on the Internet, but this new upgrade has advanced features that include video playback and drag-and-drop functionalities these were previously reliant on the intervention of third-party browsers; think along the lines of Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. Maybe this below diagram will do more good than me trying to word the awesomeness that is.

You still not convinced? Then take a look at a few experiments of HTML 5 in action. Just move your mouse around and be awed. But the two most talked about showcases of HTML 5 is Arcade Fire’s music video “The Wilderness Downtown”. It is fantastic, interactive music video that just gives you shivers up and down your neck. Take a look for yourself and see what the fuss is all about – you definitely wont regret it.

Then there is Google UK’s interactive logo; dots jumping around trying to avoid the mouse. It was both mesmerizing and fun. If this is what can be expected then I cannot wait to see what other innovative sites will creep up in the months to come.