We have been lucky enough to get our hands on the Red Bull MOBILE android phone. And besides loving the smell of new technology it has been a huge learning curve to adjusting to the customisation of an android handset.

Being new to this awesomeness that is we decided to ask friends, family (and at times complete strangers) what their top rates apps are that we need to download. So in no way is this the best of the best, but a good start for those new to android and Red Bull MOBILE.

Angry Birds
A game that has got the world over shooting birds at pigs. A rivalry that will go down in history books. An addictive game and if you don’t have it yet you best be downloading it soonest. Your life will never be the same after this.

Astrid Tasks
This is a to do list and tracking system. It is easy to use and lets you add widgets to your desktops and even sync with Gmail tasks.


With just a few clicks your music from your computer (Mac and PC compatible) will be available to stream to your android. No syncing, no copying, no uploading. Just pure awesome streaming.

In simple terms this is your iTunes for an android phone. Your iTunes gets imported you your phone. Easy Peasy.

We all have so much on our minds that any tool that can assist us in remembering is a bonus. According to their website you can “type a text note. Clip a web page. Snap a photo. Grab a screenshot.” and all will be kept in one easy to use placeholder.

Google Sky Map
Star gazing has never been so much fun. Now you can impress that girl and tell her exactly which stars she is looking at. No more guessing. You will be the pro. Move the android to the point in the sky and voila you are sorted.

This is the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for all Smartphones. Chat to friends and family from all over the world – without the hassle of needing to register. All you need is a number and voila.

If you have any more that we should look at adding then please comment below and we’ll update this list.