Free games are the heat. We have put a little list of our top 5 free Android games for you. Check them out now!


Angry Birds & Angry Birds Rio

angry birds iconWe wish we could make a list of mobile games that didn’t start with Angry Birds, but with more than 140 million downloads on iPhone and Android, it remains the hottest game to play on mobile. There’s a reason for it’s popularity too: It’s a dead simple physics game with a great theme. Featuring a lot more depth than players initially give it credit for. Birds continually surprises throughout its 225 levels. Rovio is also one of the most active publishers on Android, consistently releasing new content for players. Now, if we could only figure out why birds need a catapult to fly…

Angry Birds Rio is similar, but has you freeing caged birds instead, which changes up the gameplay objectives enough to keep things fresh. It also looks great on larger units. Rovio took a lot of time to polish the graphics and doll things up for its first movie tie-in.

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Tank Hero

tank hero icon, tank games, tanks, mobile gamesEver play the tank game in Nintendo’s Wii Play collection? It’s pretty addictive, and so is Tank Hero. Your goal is to destroy the other tanks. It’s simple and fun. Some tanks are faster, some shoot missiles, some drop mines, and some are just plain crafty. The controls take a minute to get used to, but work very well. Using your left thumb, you steer the tank like a D-Pad. To fire, you simply tap on the screen in the general direction you’d like to fire in. The graphics are gorgeous, especially for a free Android game and it plays without a hitch on older devices as well.

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Robo Defense Free

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Robo Defense is a classic tower-defense game and probably the closest you’re going to get to Plants vs. Zombies until that game actually comes out for Android. The basic idea is not to let any enemies get across the screen to your tower. Earned points can be used to buy upgrades for defending your territory. While there are only 10 levels available in the free version, it’s enough to keep you busy for quite a while.

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 Nesoid Lite

nesiod icon, nintendo, androidWhen you can quite literally carry every NES game ever made in your pocket, it might be tough to ever be bored again. Nesoid, a full Nintendo emulator for the Android, makes it possible. We’ll leave it up to you and IsoHunt to find the questionably legal 650MB library of ROMs to flesh it out, but possibilities are quite exciting.

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Crazy Snowboard

crazy snowboard, games, mobile games, free games, androidIt may not be SSXShawn White, or 1080 Snowboarding, but Crazy Snowboard has the underpinnings of a solid snowboarding game. To play, you turn your Android on its side and use it like a steering wheel. An upward tug on the right will turn you left and a motion up on the left will turn you right. The basic controls feel fairly natural. To jump, you tap (or hold) your finger in a marked circle on the lower right of the screen. Once you figure that out and get some air, tap on the left circle to perform some different tricks and combos.

Crazy Snowboard is not a deep game, but it’s far more complex and well executed than you might expect for a free mobile game. The music is bad, but there are enough missions, maps, and bonuses to keep you interested for a while.

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