Always Win is a simple yet brilliant little app. The premise is pretty straightforward, if you have a situation that cannot be resolved (an argument with your girlfriend or a bet with your mate), then this app will help determine a winner. The app dishes out two cards and the person with the highest card wins. So what? Well, the beauty of this app is that you can determine who you want to win by influencing the outcome of the game and ensuring that you Always Win!

Here are some screenshots of the app:

always win iphone app review


Touch the top part of the deck and the top hand gets the higher card, touch the lower half and the lower half wins or even let it go to chance and tap the middle for a truly random result. Not much to this app but it has proven itself time and time again in settling disputes. The app costs $0.99c but will pay for itself in no time, just make a wager with one of your mates and you will be sorted.

The app is available for $0.99 right now in the Apple App store you can download it here.