Assassins Creed Revelations marks a special chapter in Ubisoft’s historical action adventure series. This final chapter details the finals days of its two lead assassins Ezio & Altair and makes some serious improvements to the well established formula notably to the area of story telling. This is easily the best Assassins Creed yet.


The previous Assassins Creed titles suffered from some awkward story telling. Plot points came out of nowhere, characters weren’t that interesting. Revelations doesn’t seem to have that issue, its characters and cinema-tics are superbly put together, and though the plot is very random at first, it comes together quite beautifully at the end. All and all, Revelations does a great job concluding the stories of Ezio & Altair. Assassins Creed Revelations has more characters than ever as it not only details Ezio quest to find out more about the assassin order, but also key moments in Altair’s life, which ultimately begin to relate to Ezio’s search. Add in local unrest in Constantinople, a love interest, and of course, some smatterings of Desmond, and you have a full plate of idea’s.

For the most part it works, Desmond gets the short stick again, his moments are completely optional and frankly he just isn’t as interesting as his ancestors so the ability to ignore his ass is pretty rad.

assassins creed screenshot 1


The graphics and soundtrack to Assassins Creed Revelations are superb. Some serious upgrades have been made to the games visuals and the structure and layout of Constantinople is easily the best we have seen to date. The games soundtrack is often subdued yet very much engrossing and when it kicks into gear it is killer. Important to note is that in previous AC titles, the city was almost like a character, it had heart & soul. While Constantinople looks amazing, it does kinda lack the soul of Rome.

Assassins creed screenshot 2


A number of changes have been made to the AC formula yet Assassins Creed Revelations still operates in the same way as before. This time you can build a variety of bombs, operate a enhanced sense called Eagle Eye and there is an upgrade to the hidden blade called the hook blade. The hook blade is a great traversal improvement. What’s really cool about it and something they have probably worked really hard on is to take the concept of traversal and combat which are both key to AC, and layer them organically to blend them together. A great example of this is when you see Ezio going down a zip line, then leaping off that and going into an air assassination. The hook blade as a traversal tool and weapon does a pretty good job of expanding the gameplay.

All these additions are fine and there definitely is a level of awesome to ziplinning around Constantinople but you are still going to find yourself fighting guards in the same way you always have, countering their attacks and then chaining one kill into multiple. The similarity here is both good and pretty shite, if you likes the kill mechanics in past AC you are still going to digg them now, if you didn’t, you’re not going to notice any difference.

assassins creed screenshot 3

Not everything in Assassins Creed Revelations works well though. Den Defence…is simply awkward tower defense. Basically what is going down here is as Ezio moves around capturing new area’s in Constantinople, the Templars challenge him for control. Waves of Templars walk down the street towards your Den while Ezio commands various forces on the rooftops to defend. While some people may relish this new addition, it just felt very detached from the general direction of the game and handles very clumsily. If this is something that is going to be added to future titles, they are going to really need to sort it out.

Multiplayer comes with a facelift in Assassins Creed Revelations. Feedback from Brotherhood was really strong and they have apparently tried to incorporate this feedback into the new style Multiplayer. Everything they do is very narratively driven so we see this making its way into multiplayer. There is also a character that feature in Multiplayer that also makes an appearance in single player which really does a nice job of tying the stories together. Important to note is the addition of team modes, now you will get the chance to see what happens when you bring groups of assassins together to compete against each other. New locations, new characters and new perks that reflect the setting and the time period that single player is set in as well.


If you have played AC before, Assassins Creed Revelations is not going to surprise you too much. The core essence to the game is very similar to past releases in the series but while Revelations does serve as a perfect upgrade to an existing formula some elements like Den Defense should just never have been added. All in all, the strong core gameplay combined with a great story and interesting characters are enough to make this a worthy entry into the powerful Ubisoft franchise. For more info check out the Megarom website.