Skyrim is the much talked about next chapter in the Elder Scrolls series. Skyrim is an open world epic fantasy game that is sure to blow you away.


Skyrim is set 200 years after Oblivion (the previous game) and follows the story of the Dragonborn (you) born as a sort of chosen one to fight the dragons that have suddenly reappeared in Tamriel after hundreds of years of absence. You are gifted with the power of The Voice and are the only thing that stands between civilisation and a fiery death. The game has a very Game Of Thrones feel to it, with complex characters and beautiful scenery.

skyrim screenshot dragon

The story telling and indeed every detail of the game will swallow you. Every element of Skyrim is tied together to create another world, one that you can step into and be lost for hours on end. It is true escapism at its best, which is no easy feat but something that Bethesda Games has perfected here. The feeling of travelling to another time filled with a range of interesting characters, environments, challenges and opportunities is unparalleled and something which every gamer needs to sample.

The beauty of Skyrim is that you can do whatever you want once you start playing. If you want to follow the main story line you can, if you want to go off and do your own thing, that is fine too. Unlike other “open world” games, there are no locked areas in Skyrim. If you want to travel to a distant village high in the snow capped mountains, just grab (steal/buy) a horse and set off. One of the first things that I did was head off to Winterhold and went wondering around in a blizzard. I came across some weird and frightening creatures in the low visibility, until I managed to find shelter in a mysterious ice cave. The ice cave turned out to be a massive network of caves filled with deadly frosty enemies and a fair share of loot. That was when the beauty and unbelievable scale of Skyrim really hit home for me.

skyrim screenshot forest wolf


As per Oblivion Bethesda have left everything up to you. unlike other RPG’s you don’t choose a character class and start your journey down the path to becoming a wizard or barbarian. Skyrim lets you select a race that has core strengths and talents, but ultimately the way you want to play is up to you to decide as you play the game. If you want to wield an enchanted axe in one hand and cast massive lightning storms with the other you can. If you want to summon ice elemental creatures to fight your enemies while you snipe at them with your hunting bow you can do that too. This makes Skyrim really suited to your gaming wants and needs. They have build this world and provided you with everything you could ever need, now its up to you to get in there and play it however you wish.

skyrim screenshot bear bow


You can’t achieve full immersion without an excellent visual experience and Skyrim ticks all the boxes in the graphics department. Skyrim is a massive game and every detail is rendered with breathtaking beauty. There are loads of different environments including massive mountains, peaceful farms, creepy caves to frozen rivers and snow storms. Often while playing I had to just stop and look around at the amazing scenery before continuing on my adventuring.

skyrim screenshot graphics

Characters and special effects are also very impressive and add the extra realism needed for a game like this. The visuals are all tied together with an epic fully orchestrated soundtrack.

screenshot skyrim graphics pillars

[easyreview title=”Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” cat1title=”Story 10/10″ cat1detail=”Epic fantasy storytelling at its best with the option to explore and adventure on your own.” cat1rating=”10″ cat2title=”Graphics 10/10″ cat2detail=”Beautifully rendered environments, lighting, characters and amazing attention to detail.” cat2rating=”10″ cat3title=”Gameplay 10/10″ cat3detail=”Decide on your own skill set, play your way, endless possibilities.” cat3rating=”10″ summary=”Skyrim is undoubtedly the best game of 2011 and is a must have for anyone who enjoys adventure, magic and dragons. In fact the amount of time that you can spend playing this game is incredible, I would easily pay R1000 for a game like this and feel that it was worth every cent. Get yourself a copy (PC, Xbox or PS3) and step into another world.”]