Jetpack Joyride is an iOS game developed by Halfbrick studios (the guys who brought us Fruit Ninja). It’s a super simple yet addictive game available on iPhone and iPad.

You play Harry, a crazy little guy who seems to have broken into a secret lab and stolen a prototype jetpack. Essentially the game is you flying though this top secret lab avoiding zappers, lasers and missiles while collecting coins. The game is similar to a lot of other mobile games in the sense that your objective is to see how far you can go, the greater the distance the higher the score.

jetpack joyride review screenshot 1

What makes this game fun is the combination of cool power ups (special vehicles that you can collect on route) as well as some well thought out mini objectives (missions) i.e make it 1,500m without collecting any coins. These are challenging and fun and add a second layer to the game, extending its longevity.

jetpack joyride review screenshot 2

jetpack joyride review screenshot 3

It works well on both iPhone and iPad,however the extra screen space on iPad make for a better experience. The graphics are cute and sharp and the game responsiveness is excellent. Its a great way to spend $0.99c

Here is the video trailer as well:

You can get it from the US iTunes store here: Jetpack Joyride