After wading through hundreds of iPhone games, here are the 10 best must-have games you need on your phone!


So I recently did an article on 5 must have iPhone photography apps. Today I am looking at games. As you would expect, I have played hundreds of iOS games and have picked out 10 top notch must-have games for you. You will see that the games I have chosen are mostly puzzle style games, I find these are the most enjoyable mobile games and excellent for wasting time. If you have these games on your phone you should be able to get through any boring situation! So have a look and let me know if you think I left any out?

1. Jetpack Joyride

This game follows a popular format that sees you try to get as far as possible while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. However this game does that exceptionally well and will keep you coming back for more. You can see my full Jetpack Joyride review here.

2. Cut the Rope

One of the most downloaded games on the AppStore, Cut the Rope is eclipsed only by Angry Birds. It’s a puzzle game that has excellent graphics, levels and epic cute-ness. There are several iterations, have a look for Cut the Rope Experiments (currently free).

3. Stick Cricket

The popular flash game is on iOS. It’s a very simple cricket game that is just battling and only has two buttons (hit left and hit right), sound easy? Think again, this one will keep you busy for hours. It’s a game I have had on my iPhone for almost 2 years and am still playing it.

stick cricket iphone app game screenshot

4. Plants vs Zombies

This game is awesome. If you haven’t played it, stop reading and go get it. I’ll wait. Need more convincing? It’s a tower defence style game that features different types of weaponised plants that you use to stop zombies from invading your house. Suepr game all-round, lots of minigames and replayability.

5. Flight Control

Another classic must have game, flight Control see’s you operate an airport as a flight controller with the sole purpose of orchestrating incoming flights to get as many safe landings as possible. Different types of planes, speeds and levels make this a great time waster.

flight control mobile iphone game screenshot

6. Angry Birds

Enough said. Make sure you have the new Angry Birds Space for some anti-gravity catapult madness which puts a whole new spin on things.

7. Pah!

A bit obscure, Pah is a voice activated game that requires you to hum to fly your spaceship higher and shout Pah! in order to shoot oncoming asteroids. This is a great game to play with friends and laugh at how stupid they sound. There is some pretty solid tech behind this game too.

pah! mobile iphone voice activated game screenshot

8. Hard Lines

This is a modern take on the classic Nokia Snake game. It features loads of different game modes and levels that will keep you coming back for more. I particularly like the Piñata mode, where you try and kill as many other snakes as possible by cutting them off (you can put those bad driving skills to work!)

hard lines mobile iphone game snake nokia screenshot

9. Triple Town

A unique grid style puzzle game that requires you to place objects in different spaces trying to match up three of a kind. Sounds simple, but I can get my girlfriend off this damn game, its super addictive. You should give it a try. Its free to play with some in-app purchases and upgrades.

triple town iphone game mobile screenshot

10. Ready Steady Bang

This is a simple, 8bit style black and white reflex shooter. Just like in the old west you line up against your opponent and the first one to draw/shoot wins (quickest to tap the screen). The design is awesome, with great little death animations that you can collect as you progress. Check out this little video (30 ways to die) to give you a taste: