Samsung have taken a very innovative approach to their digital advertising with their FCU (Fact Checkers Unit) video web series. The latest episode features James Franco and is sure to get you hooked.

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Samsung have worked hard to produce this awesome web series featuring the infamous Fact Checker Unit of the popular SWAG magazine. Essentially this fictional SWAG magazine runs stories on absurd celebrity facts. SWAG are very concerned about the validity of their stories and have the best in the business working hard to verify the facts before publishing. This is where the two overzealous Fact Checkers come in.

samsung FCU video Swag magazine cover

The FCU make use of their Samsung Galaxy Note to receive briefs, gather clues, capture evidence etc. The series does an excellent job of showcasing the multitasking abilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note while providing some world class entertainment at the same time. We have seen the Fact Checkers Unit use the GALAXY Note’s creative and cutting-edge functions, as well as the generous 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED touch screen, to check celebrity facts by photographing, cropping and annotating evidence instantly using S Pen, digitising handwritten notes to their editor, and even editing an impromptu music video.

pregnant james franco

So this episode see’s the FCU try to get to the bottom of a leaked photograph of a pregnant James Franco. They are obviously sent to investigate but what they discover is more than they could have anticipated as the FCU finds themselves with the fate of the world in their hands….maybe. In this episode they make use of the trusty Galaxy Note Premium Suite to help them in their quest.

Enough already, check out the awesome [FCU2- GALAXY Note] Ep.6 James Franco is preggers:

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