Samsung in the US have come out with a campaign directly targeting the Apple iPhone 5 which does a great job at pointing out just how far behind the iPhone 5 is.


Everyone was expecting a big announcement when the iPhone 5 launched, however Apple chose to improve upon the existing iPhone formula and make tweaks to enhance the device. The iPhone 5 is still going to be a great phone and has already shipped millions of units, however Apple have lost a very important element with the launch; innovation. With the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII with tons of new exciting features, pretty much all iPhone 5 vs Galaxy SIII comparisons see the SIII coming out on top.

With Apple starting to lose ground in the innovation race, it is already starting to loose it’s street cred – especially if Samsung have anything to say about it. Check out Samsung’s new Galaxy SIII US TV campaign which pokes fun at Apple and people queuing to get the iPhone 5.

There are still a lot of great things about the iPhone including the awesome OS and App Store but these things are no longer exciting. They provide a great user experience and solid reliability but they just doesn’t have the sexiness of the new Samsung flagship. I think we are seeing a subtle shift here and its something that you should pay attention to over the next few years.

What do you think about the debate – iPhone or SIII?