Get yourself some popcorn and buckle up for an explosive experience in the new Transformers game; Fall of Cybertron.

There have been several Transformers games, closely following the movie releases but none have really managed to provide an experience to match the films, until now. Fall of Cybertron is without a doubt the best Transformers game yet.


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Fall of Cybertron picks up a couple of years after War For Cybertron. The Transformers’ home world is practically destroyed and Energon – the fuel that powers both the planet and its inhabitants – is in very short supply. The Autobots are abandoning their planet and need to secure enough Energon to power their Ark spaceship, while the Decepticons are researching a possible escape destination.

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The story feels very natural and fits into the Transformers universe perfectly. With beautiful split scenes unfolding as you go along it really feels as though you are playing through an actual movie.


Fall of Cybertron makes use of the Unreal 3 engine and manages to squeeze every drop out of it, providing some truly breath-taking explosions and fire fights. The game feels really well polished, even the menu’s look great.

transformers fall of cybertron grimlock screenshot

The sound is particularly good bringing with it a very cinema like experience. I highly recommend dimming the lights and cranking up your home theatre system when you slide Fall of Cybertron into your console. Even just for the first few scenes which get the game off to an explosive action packed start. You really feel the scale of the Autobots and the epic battles through the excellent sound and visuals.

The environments are far more varied and imaginative; you will find yourself battling on floating platforms in the clouds, ancient ruins shrouded in rust storms and sharp-edged tunnels filled with glowing Insecticon cocoons.


The gameplay is similar to previous Transformers games maintaining the over-the-shoulder, third-person view, which makes the occasional nod towards cover-based shooting, but never fully commits to it. The ability to switch weapons from left to right hand does become useful when you are hiding behind cover. As you would expect you also have the ability to transform into your vehicle form. Around halfway through the game the level design opens up and allows you the freedom to use your vehicle mode a lot more.

The gameplay is action packed and a lot of fun although there isn’t a huge amount of variation, Fall of Cybertron does enough to keep you involved from start to finish. The addition of some interesting multiplayer modes and the ability to create your own Transformer from the ground up, then take it online to destroy your friends Transformers, is very cool and provides some longevity to the title.