Crisis 3 Beta Multiplayer dropped today, naturally our inquisitive natures got the better of us and like the original and the sequel, Crisis 3 Beta Multiplayer swallowed us whole!!Before I get into it, can I just reiterate…what a great game! Emotions aside, here is a helpful tip that I had the displeasure to discover, and that is: If you are going to download this game with the intention of getting in a few minutes of gameplay before your daily routine gets in the way – like, I donno, sleep or work for instance…then don’t. I strongly recommend you put in a solid half-day’s leave, or wait for the weekend and enjoy without the disruption of life. A replacer would be nice too.

Crisis 3 Beta Multiplayer

Crisis 3 Beta Multiplayer is awesome! Even if it launched on a Wednesday.

First things first:

The download is available on PC from Origin. Now, I am not sure why, but Crisis 3 Beta Multiplayer is impossible to locate within Origin. Don’t bother searching for it either, apparently the search function on the Origin app is for display purposes only. No, proceed straight to the Demo tab held within the primary navigation of the Origin Store tab, locate Crysis 3 Beta Multiplayer and click on the tile. Sadness and anxiety will kick in at the point the download begins as the download is pretty big (3.3 Gigs) so set aside 2-plus hours for that to do its thing depending on your line speed.

Once you are in:

The first thing you will notice is that the menu structure is very familiar to that of Crysis 2. Some small refinements have been made that you will notice within an instant. Before you immediately proceed into a game, double check your controls – for some reason the default values of these have been changed from the sequel with zero changes being made to gameplay – in addition, you will need to tweak your video options. Don’t be like me and take advantage of the fact that your system default display values are set to very high. You will be disappointed. It is a Beta version after all, so cut them down a trickle. My GTX670 struggled a bit on very high, so I bit the bullet and set everything down to just, high (First world problems…). Once you are satisfied, then proceed into a game.

Crisis 3 Beta Multiplayer

A Predator Bow. The name says it all…


Yes! Three hours later, finally. There is a bit of good news here, along with some bad. The good news is that games are plentiful, so finding a one will be of no hassle whatsoever. The bad news…well apparently everyone playing in the games are little Crysis ninjas. Sadly, you stand little chance against them, unless you yourself are Crysis 2 Multiplayer veteran. Couple this with the fact that the graphics are gorgeous, I estimate the average life expectancy of a person in their first round at 0.25 seconds.

What is very important to note is that the actual gameplay itself has remained by-and-large the same. Some very cool new suit mods have been added, like the Auto-Armour mod, which is why the life expectancy is set so high – I am really not kidding about the ninjas. One other cool aspect of the game that has been included is the fact that there are now objects and weapons scattered throughout the 2 maps that are available in this Beta version, these can be picked up and used to get creative with your kills. One last thing I noticed that has been changed, is that running no longer detracts from your suit energy – unless you are cloaked – which is handy for getting around quickly. It doesn’t do much for your life expectancy though…

More importantly, there are 2 types of gameplay in this Beta version of the game, the more familiar: Crash. Then the very new, very awesome, try it first: Hunter.


Yes, you remember this from Crysis 2 Multiplayer. It remains unchanged, apart from the fact that you can now walk up to a crashed pod and grab one of its side-panels and use that as a shield and/or weapon. And, like battlefield 3 there are some pretty deadly vehicles that can be used to assault and then defend the crashed pod. But don’t play this yet.


In this game mode players are split into two teams, Hunters and the guys who die. The guys who die receive some new weaponry, which is pretty cool, until you realize how frivolous it is without armour or cloak modes at your disposal. If you haven’t already guessed, your task – as one of the guys who dies – is to survive for as long as possible, not fight. Never fight, that would be counter-intuitive. Why? Well, because the Hunters are equipped with enhanced nano-suits and a PREDATOR bow. Oh, did I mention that they are permanently cloaked? Their single purpose in life is to destroy you. They will succeed.

Each game comprises of a series of 2 minute rounds. A really cool aspect about Hunter mode is that as Hunters eliminate players on the other team, those players then respawn as Hunters themselves, making it harder to survive on the opposing team as more and more Hunters emerge. Hunters win the round if they eliminate the all the players in the opposing team, conversely, the opposing team (aka the guys who die) win if they remain alive. In this team you will receive points intermittently for remaining alive. A fat bonus is received if you manage to survive the entire round. Tip: If you plan on doing this, find a good place to hide and stay there.

To find out more, check out the full Crysis 3 Beta Multiplayer tutorial video here:

All in all, you are in for hours of flat out fun and some retina-blistering visuals. We highly recommend Crisis 3 Beta Multiplayer to everyone who is as excited as we are about this new marvel from Crytec and cannot wait until March.

Our review  is based on the PC version of Crysis 3 beta multiplayer it is also currently available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console platforms, and is scheduled to end on February 12, 2013.