Remember Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion? Well, Sega’s new 2D point-and-click adventure game from Ron Gilbert goes on sale tomorrow (24 January) according to Steam, and it promises to be an instant classic.

Ron Glibert's: The Cave

In the Cave, players will get a chance to select a team of three characters out of a possible seven. Once your team has been selected, they descend into the abyss known as the Cave for what is hidden inside. The noteworthy thing about game is that each of the seven characters has something specific that they are looking for inside the cave, which means they will each gravitate to the part of the cave relevant to them, making the gameplay experience unique each time you play, and undoubtedly keeping players coming back for more.

The Characters

The seven characters comprise of an explorer, a knight, a hillbilly, a monk, a pair of twins, a scientist and a time traveler. According to Gilbert, they all share a single commonality, that being the fact that they each have a kind of darkness inside them. It is this darkness that has brought them together, and is the driving force behind why they wish to descend in the cave.


Remember how frustrated it was to get stuck on a level in Monkey Island? You could be stuck there for days without solving the way out. Well, the same will apply to The Cave. One very cool aspect of the Cave is the 4 player cooperative gameplay. This will allow multiple minds to converge on a single problem at a time, hopefully making gameplay slightly easier. Another introduction, or rather exclusion, is that of the inventory. Meaning characters can only use one item at a time and puzzles will need to be solved with the correct item.


If you want to know exactly what you are in for, check out the trailer below:

Digital sales for the game launch tomorrow. It’s out on the PlayStation Network for £9.99 (Around R150) and Xbox LIVE for 1200 MS Points. It’ll also be available on Steam for $14.99 and later on the Nintendo eStore for Wii U.