The Starcraft 2 expansion pack is just around the corner and this cinematic is sure to get you fired up!

starcraft II heart of the swarm kerrigan

First thing you are going to want to do is stop reading this, turn up your sound (really good) and set the video to HD and get watching:

How kick ass was that opening cinematic? If you weren’t amped for Heart of the Swarm I bet you are now. A couple of points on the video:

1. How badass are those Ultralisks? Yeah the siege tanks and stuff are cool but the sheer size and power of the Ultrlisks is awesome.

2. How perfect would a Starcraft movie be – it’s got all the right ingredients for a box office hit, strong characters, epic battles gruesome aliens and a hot evil queen.

3. After watching the office episode where Dwight comes dressed as Kerrigan for Halloween I just struggle to get that horrible image out of my head when I see the Queen of Blades.

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm releases on March 12th – so start saving or pre-order now!