We have covered a few cloud based gaming services that are entering the market such as Valve’s Xi3, OnLive or Nvidia’s Grid service. This however is the first mobile cloud gaming service.

Spair logo

Its a concept that makes a lot of sense. Once of the problems that mobile developers face is the fragmentation of devices, particularly when you look beyond iOS devices (even within iOS devices there are quite a few different devices). That’s where this new service Spair comes in. It provides device agnostic access to mobile gaming regardless of the smartphone you are using or the device’s underlying specs. Its a similar model to the online counterparts with the ability to use central hardware to run the games and stream the visuals to your phone.

how it works

The company founded by Tim Abdullaev in Tashkent, Uzbekistan claims to have the product working in its early stages, but has yet to announce a release date. As a South African it is great to see mobile innovation yet again coming out of non-first world countries. So keep an eye out for Spair, we could see big things in the future.