With the recent announcement from Sony that their 4th generation console –Code named: Orbis– will be unveiled on February 20th, one can only speculate what this amazing piece of technology will look like.

That is, unless you are a designer that goes by the name is Gavin Rinquist, who applied his creativity and mad photoshop skills to design the entire Playstation 4 from the ground up as he envisions it to be. I must say, if it looks anything remotely like the designs depicted here, the Playstation 4 will need to come with its own “Do not touch” transparent display case.

Check out the gorgeous Playstation 4 concept designs below:

Sadly, Sony is staying Mum about nearly every aspect of the Playstation 4, from exterior design right through to internal hardware composition as well as the name itself. That’s right, we don’t even know if it will even be called the PS4. Sony could end up calling it the Orbis for all we know, or pull a leaf out Apple’s new book and call it “the New Playstation”. Speculation runs rife…

Over and above this, I have been subject to a number of rumors surrounding the technological capabilities of this new Sony Flagship, including the fact that it may feature partial Cloud syncronisation. This is a very real possibility considering Sony’s recent acquisition of cloud gaming company Gakai. What we know is that if the rumors do turn into reality then this console will be a serious contender against the likes of the Xi3 Piston from Valve and nVidia’s The Grid.

The next, and possibly most exciting, rumor to send shivers down my spine was the fact that the PS4 may very well be able to communicate with certain other electronic devices in your living room, which if pulled off correctly, will take the Nintendo Wii U concept to a completely new level while simultaneously rendering the Wii U redundant overnight. I can only imagine crashing into a game of Dead Space 3 at a mate’s house using my iPad or Smartphone as the controller – or better yet, as a second screen. Yes, the possibilities are endless.

What we do know for sure though is that February 20th cannot come fast enough!! If you have not seen the teaser video from Sony yet, be sure to check it out below: