It is seldom, so seldom in fact, that I have only experienced it once in its true form. Promised by all aspiring game developers, pulled off by few. It is the ability to create and implement a truly living, dynamically changing world based on the actions of a single player, resulting in a truly unique gameplay experience from start to finish each time the game is played.

A buddy of mine recently introduced me to this fantastic new concept of game that is currently in development by Undead Labs under the sharp and watchful eye of Microsoft Studios. My life has not been the same since.

Fittingly titled: State of Decay, this game promises the world. No literally, a world where civilization has been wiped out by a massive pandemic that has transformed the vast majority of civilization into mindless, flesh-eating zombies, leaving only a handful to survive.

State of Decay

Family station waggons: Ideal for drifting and mowing zombies down.

State of decay

For more of a challenge, try fighting zombies at night. Why?

Survivors will literally need to scavenge what they can in order to withstand the zombie apocalypse, be it in the form of Food, Water, Shelter or Ammo. Obviously the latter on that list being redeployed right to the bottom of the Maslow pyramid. Players will be given free reign over this promisingly immersive sandbox world, changed only by the actions and choices that they make along the way. – Yes, you can read that again.

Playing god? Quite right, in this game players can decide to take on the apocalypse singlehandedly, or by gathering a group; Head on, or by way of the ninja; Like a nomad, or the stubborn settler. Either way, or combination thereof has its resulting pro’s and con’s…this game then lends itself to the mercy of the player, meaning a unique experience all round.

State of Decay

Crowd-sourcing 2.0.

State of Decay

mmm…I’m hungry.

State of Decay

Veggie patch good for subsistence farming.

State of Decay

When in doubt: Let ’em burn!!!!

Well, this is what the sales brochure says. Sound familiar? Lets take a quick look back at the failure that was War Z. Need I say more than it achieved a Metascore of 23? One can only hope Undead Lab and Microsoft have set out to deliberately fix the mistakes made by the developers of War Z, and continue the legacy left behind by Day Z.

Check out the trailer here:

Either way, we are going to get our teeth stuck firmly into State of Decay as soon as it gets released. It is currently in development for Xbox and PC only. In terms of a launch date, the site is not giving away any details that might get our hopes up, what we do know is, they are getting ready to submit the game to Microsoft for their review. Fingers crossed. Let us know what you think…

More on this as we get it!