How does one become a Tomb Raider? I mean I have yet to meet one in real life to pose the question. Though I am sure it’d it would be pretty cool, it would also be somewhat intimidating. Nevertheless, the new Tomb Raider which is set to launch in March takes us back to the origin of Lara Croft and how she became the infamously good looking: Tomb Raider.

For this, Square Enix have created a series of videos that slowly unpack the new, somewhat frighteningly realistic Tomb Raider gameplay so that players will be able to not only survive the new Tomb Raider, but get the most from their gameplay experience. Enjoy.

Tomb Raider Base Camp

Episode 1:  Smart Resourceful Lara

Stranded on a mysterious island to die, Lara must learn how use her resourcefulness to survive on the island. It looks awesome!!

Episode 2: Exploration

This episode delves into the detail of how Lara will be able to navigate and explore the island, using fast travel to quickly return to previously explored locations on the map. Why? Check out the video, the level designers have done a stellar job to make the New Tomb Raider as multidimensional and repayable as humanly possible. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!

Watch out for the 3rd Episode, coming soon.