Crytec, the creators of Crysis, have just released this free-to-play first person shoot-em-up and its got me feeling like I can finally let go of Battlefield 3. Or can I?

Warface from Crytec

Yes folks, this first person browser based shooter is built on the CryEngine 3. Warface promises to offer players an intense multiplayer and co-operative gameplay experience. Including standard 16-player versus match modes as well as 5-player co-op missions, in what Crytec call a “frequently updated PVE universe”. Check out the Beta Launch video below for a snapshot of what this game has to offer:

The Crytec team have taken the guys from Dice and EA head-on with this Battlefield slash modern warfare style release. Time will tell if it can stand against the mighty Call of Duty and Battlefield titles. You can definitely expect more from us once we have played it a bit ourselves.

You can apply for access for the free-to-play Beta version here. Check out some of the concept art below: