After being unveiled to the world at their New York conference on 20th February, gamers and gadget-lovers alike are holding their breath in anticipation for the latest gaming releases from the next Sony console; the PlayStation 4.

With a formal US launch date predicted as 17th November 2013, what are aficionados likely to expect in terms of gaming quality, sociability and interactivity?

The hard-working developers at Evolution Studios have been busy creating the next generation of car racing games which promise to raise the bar for racing rivals. But how will the hugely-anticipated Driveclub compare to current market offerings?

drive club logo pS4

Imagine a racing game that is socially-connected, intuitive, and incredibly realistic that lets players drive the best cars in the world.

That is what Driveclub promises, but will it deliver? Sony’s console already has fierce competition in the racing game market from the likes of Auto Club Revolution (ACR); an online racing and car community.

The console game claims to offer improved social interaction thanks to mid-game sharing to Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms. They also pledge to give gamers an unrivalled car community which, until now, has been the USP of free car games (like ACR).

The developers have also formed a working relationship with leading car manufacturers giving players the opportunity to drive totally realistic, fully licenced vehicles. Once again, this ‘bonus’ feature is currently offered by ACR, and their game is free so what does Driveclub have that current, costless online racing games do not?

Well, Driveclub certainly offers gamers a fantastic in-car experience. The level of detail in the cockpit simulator is astounding so you will most definitely feel in the heart of the action.

maserati drive club ps4

The controller has also been updated to account for the Playstation 4’s new capabilities and features everything from an integrated camera and motion sensors to touch controls and the improved return of dual analog sticks.

Players can also adapt their car, their race track and many other in-game options; plus you can create your own racing challenges and share them online with your friends or the whole wide world. This is 21st century gaming at its best; putting the customer in the driving seat of their personal gaming experience.

However aesthetics aside, Sony and game developers Evolution Studios face very real competition from the current market offerings, both online and from other console manufacturers. With the threat of online gaming posing an even-greater threat than previously thought, Sony really should be looking over their shoulder at the current (and free) racing games in order to promote Driveclub to gamers seeking that little bit more attention to detail.