What is it about cars that gets our blood pumping? For the life of me I cannot put my finger on it, no matter how hard I try. It is impossible to justify a new car purchase to your wife. Yet, you never need to when you show it off for the first time to your mates. It is like an unspoken agreement, a meeting of the minds. We don’t know what it is but we happily provide our approval none-the-less.


Could it the looks – the way the light hits the curves of the car at every angle? Or the cheeky nose that stares at you with a hint of aggression when you stare back? Or is it the sheer speed – and if so what kind of speed? Is it going from 0-100 in 3 seconds? Or is it hitting 400km/h on a perfectly flat, straight road? Could it be the feeling of living on the edge, knowing that a single second lapse in concentration could be the end of your existence? Or is it the comfort? Possibly the feeling of accomplishment? Achieving that forth step on Maslow’s pyramid? – For some that is more real than others. Better question, could it be the sound? That epic sound of a roaring V8 carburetor engine as it chews through fuel at 8000RPM or the high-pitch scream, unique to a perfectly refined Ferrari at 12000RPM? Rather, is it a combination of everything? The perfect sound embodied by a glistening exterior that is capable of achieving 250km/h in 3rd gear while you get a massage from the front seat…

Whatever it is, we can all agree it is a franchise with huge earning potential. Generally speaking, boys as well as men will spend without a second’s hesitation. No need to justify the purchase, because their inner-man already has the answers, irrespective of their ability to convey them…it is theirs to have, and they will if they can.

This is what I’d like to think the Gran Turismo franchise is built on. Something that is there…yet it cannot be explained. Better yet, you won’t need to sell a kidney to get it, and along with it, the same feeling of awesome that you’d get in real life…well, kinda. The announcement trailer of their 6th installment captures everything that the game is perfectly, yet to try and describe it would be near impossible. Check it out for yourself:

Tell us what you think it could be.

What we do know however, is that in the 15 years of Gran Turismo games, Sony and Polyphony have never failed to deliver! So trying to sell this game, or tell you how good it’s going to be would be frivolous.

Sony have said that GT6 will only be released for the PS3, leaving some pretty gaping questions as to what may lie in store for their new flagship release later this year.
Watch this space for updates on GT6.