Neil Cointe and his parkour group, Ampisound, recreated a Mirror’s Edge style free-running POV scene in real life. Filmed in Cambridge, the parkour athlete is shown maneuvering and vaulting over various obstacles at speed. The scene bears an uncanny resemblance to the game. The only missing element is Faith’s red sneakers.

Ampisound got the idea for the video after hearing that EA announced that Mirror’s Edge 2 was in development at E3 in June. Take a look at Cointe’s spectacular video below. If you missed the teaser trailer for Mirrors’s Edge 2, it is definitely worth watching. It has been rumoured that it will release in December 2014 – or “when it’s ready” according to the trailer.

Mirror’s Edge Parkour POV


Mirror’s Edge 2 Announcement Teaser Trailer – Official E3 2013

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