The latest instalment in the ongoing Rayman franchise had a lot of work to do after it’s predecessor took the world by storm last year. In this industry we are conditioned to be disappointed when it comes to sequels, but in this case we were wrong. Rayman Legends manages to deliver a colourful and joyful burst of entertainment that will keep you coming back for more.


Legends introduces a range of new environments that extend the quirky Rayman design across a much wider colour palette.


The game delivers on the beautiful art direction seen in the previous title as well as the unique Rayman humour that stays intact. The sound is particularly good especially on the final levels of each world (more on this just now).


The gameplay is simple and fluid. Within no time you will be jumping, swinging and bouncing through the levels. The game is action packed, there is never a moment that you don’t have someone to punch or a puzzle to solve, providing a good pace throughout the game.


The game was designed for Wii U and hence does have some additional functionality that was intended for the Wii U controller (i.e. the introduction of Murfy – a little yellow helper who assists you by cutting ropes, shifting platforms and tickling monsters). While it doesn’t degrade from the experience on other platforms, it doesn’t add to it either. All in all the game played very well on PC and the devs did an excellent job optimising the game to work on nearly any modern PC.


The game continually rewards you for progressing, unlocking new worlds, characters and pets as you go, allowing you to decide which level you would like to tackle when. At the end of each world is a super awesome final level that is synced to a fast pace piece of music that is a lot of fun.


There are a range of levels, mini games and collectables that are sure to keep you interested and going back for more without feeling boring. This in my opinion is what makes Rayman Legends so much fun to play.

Rayman Legends was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft. Our review is based on the PC version.