Just in time for the holidays. This week, Ubisoft released a trailer for their a stand-alone game, Assassin’s Creed Pirates. Available on the 5th of December, the game will be available on smartphones and tablets.

Assasins Creed Pirates mobile

The storyline is set in the same universe as Black Flag. Players can further explore the swashbuckling action of the Carribean as Alonzo Batilia, a pirate captain making a name for himself while trying to claim Le Buse’s treasure.

If you enjoyed the naval battles in BlackFlag, the mobile version will give players the opportunity to fight real-time battles while improving and upgrading components on their vessel. Take a look at the trailer for more on gameplay, upgrading your vessel and acquiring crew.

Ubisoft has promised gamers new visuals and gameplay as you dodge storms and progress through the ranks to become an infamous pirate. Take a look at some screenshots from the game below.






Assassin’s Creed Pirates will definitely be on our list of games to play during December. Take a look at our review for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.