We have already published a full FIFA 14 review based on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions however we have spent a good deal of time with the PS4 version and wanted to let you know if the new version brings anything new.


The PS4 version brings new life into the franchise bringing the visual lift that players have been wanting. For the first time in a FIFA game their is a real crowd, sure there is still some cut and pasting of supporters throughout the crowd but the overall effect is excellent bringing the stadiums to life and upping the realism. The players look and feel much more natural on the ball. EA have added loads more animations to the PS4 and Xbox One versions that really make you feel as though the players are real, shifting their weight shooting with different effects and delivering a much more organic feel to the game. The character models for the players have improved as well especially on the well known players like Messi and Ozil.


One of the best inclusions is the slow motion replay after scoring a goal. The camera slows down and adds some blurring effects to really show off the beauty of the game up close. It makes even the most average goal look pretty damn amazing.


After playing many hours of FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 I really didn’t expect to have much trouble stepping into the PS4 version – it’s still the same game right? Not exactly. The enhanced player and ball physics coupled with the silky smooth gameplay really makes for a different gameplay experience. The new Dualshock 4 controller also plays a part here delivering a much more accurate experience. I struggled to get the upper hand in the midfield and my shooting was abysmal. It didn’t take long however to get the hang of it and I can safely say that what you get is an amazing football experience. The range of goal variations and animations provide you with plenty footage to fuel your PS4 share button.



All of these new features are backed up with the very solid content set that we have come to expect from FIFA. All of the major game modes are there bar some of the “less popular” (according to EA) formats such as Tournament Mode and Co-op Seasons. This shouldn’t worry the bulk of players but it is worth noting. One of the strengths of FIFA is it’s replay-ability and there are more than enough gameplay modes (Manager Career, Be A Pro Career, Ultimate Team, Seasons, Kickoff Exhibitions etc) to keep you going until next year.

FIFA 14 was developed by EA Sports and published by Electronic Arts. This review is based on the Playstation 4 version.