Sony’s Playstation 4 launched in South Africa on December 13th but quickly sold out. In fact, the majority of consoles went straight into the massive pre-order demand and the rest of the consoles that were set aside for walk-ins were gone in a matter of hours. Ster Kinekor have reported that more PS4 stock will be arriving this month. With another batch of consoles ready to fly off the shelves we take a look at the various PS4 games that have been chewing up our time since launch to give you a quick look at the games that you need to pick up with your shiny new console.

Killzone Shadow Fall


In the past Killzone has always been shown as the pretty looking showcase launch title with very little else to offer. Shadow Fall however comes to the party with a much better gameplay experience. I’m not a huge FPS fan especially on consoles but Killzone Shadow Fall had me glued to the TV and provided some great entertainment. As expected Shadow Fall is breathtakingly beautiful. The lighting throughout the game forces you to stop admire the view and press the share button to spam your Facebook friends with screenshots and videos. I highly recommend that you pickup a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall with your new PS4.



You can see our full PS4 FIFA 14 Review to get the details but in short FIFA 14 on the PS4 is amazing. The difference between PS3 and PS4 is dramatic, the movement of players, animations, physics and visuals all come together to provide the best footballing experience around. Backed with the large selection of game modes from Be a Pro to FIFA Ultimate Team that we have come to expect from FIFA you can’t go wrong with the PS4 version. If you are even remotely interested in football then this is a must have for the new console generation.

Assassin’s Creed Black Flag


You can read our full Assassin’s Creed Black Flag review here (albeit based on the PS3 version). The PS4 version is identical bar the improved visuals. The PS4 is able to delver much sharper resolutions, higher frame rates and superb weather effects. AC4 is a great game that has so much content it will keep you busy for a very long time. The pirate focused parts (pillaging on the high seas, exploring islands etc) are undoubtably the highlights of the game and provide a massive open world with endless adventures. If you have played the game on PS3 or Xbox 360 then there is no reason to get the PS4 version, you won’t find anything new. If you have yet to experience the game then its a great purchase for your new system.

Need For Speed Rivals


Again we have a full Need For Speed Rivals Review up for you to peruse. The PS4 version is definitely beautiful and does provide top notch visuals as expected. The PS4 version still falls slightly short of the PC version which is a pity. Even on my ageing GTX 460 I was able to get sharper visuals than the PS4. When comparing to the PS3/Xbox 360 graphics there is a markable improvement as you would expect. The game itself is fun but not particularly long, don’t expect this to last anywhere near as long as other driving games. Its a great game to pick up but shouldn’t be on your priority list.

Battlefield 4


In contrast to NFS Rivals, BF4 delivers better graphics at a higher frame rate than my PC setup could handle. The visuals for Battlefield 4 are excellent with beautiful lighting and detailed textures. BF4 is all about the massive multiplayer maps we know and love from the Battlefield series. However EA are still struggling with multiplayer stability with disconnecting servers, long loading times and other bugs. Its a great game, but until EA manage to delver some online consistency we find it hard to recommend unless you are a huge BF fan in which case you will probably buy it anyway.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes


A fun game in keeping with the LEGO franchise. You play as a range of Marvel superheroes with everyone from Iron Man to Spiderman. The visuals are good with some great colours and special effects. The comedy and voice acting leave a lot to be desired and will not suit everyones sense of humour. For younger audiences this game is a sure fire hit for those of you older gamers I wouldn’t see this as a must have game either.

All in all there are some great games here that should suit most gamers. You could also have a look at Call of Duty Ghosts, Knack or Injustice: Gods Among Us although we haven’t had as much time with those titles yet.