Siri can do many things. Some not all of us know about. Here is a list of our top 10 things siri can do:

1. Opening an App

You can say, Open Facebook or Play Angry Birds or Launch Maps.

2. Change Settings

You can make changes to certain basic settings. You can say, for example, Turn on WiFi, Turn off Bluetooth or Turn on Airplane mode.”(Note: Airplane mode can’t be turned back on by voice, because Siri needs an internet connection to work)

Adjust the screen by saying: Make the screen brighter or Dim the screen.

3. Read Full Emails to You

In iOS 7, Siri can read full messages to you — not just the summary information (to, from, and subject line).

For example, if you say, Read new email Siri reads your most recent email message to you.

Or you can get a quick summary by saying Read my emails, Siri then starts from the oldest to the newest, giving you the summary information.

You can dictate a reply or compose a message at any time. Here is how it works:

Say something like Email Cindy about the play the person’s email is added (if it is in your contacts) and the subject line will be anything you say after about.

To reply to messages say, while in the message you want to reply to, “Reply, Dear Cindy (comma), I am looking forward to the play (exclamation)! I will see you at 8pm (period).”

4. Post to Twitter or Facebook

Say things like, Tweet with my location, ‘Who wants to go to a play?’ or Post to Facebook, ‘Excited to go watch a play with Cindy’.

Siri then offers you a a dialogue box where you can approve the post and then, if you’re satisfied, send it off to your Twitter or Facebook feed.

5. Create a Calendar Event

Siri can add events to your calendar thanks to commands such as Make an event for 10pm Friday called Play.

6. Set an Alarm

Similarly, Set an alarm for 7am creates a new alarm-clock alarm for 7am.

7. Follow Sports

Just say What’s the score of the Arsenal game? and Siri tells you. You can even ask her things like Who is in the Soccer World Cup Finals.

8. Ask Siri to Do Calculations

Siri can rapidly do calculations for you: Just ask, for example, What’s 15 percent of 110?

If you need a rough estimate of the calories in food you can ask Siri, How many calories are in a greek salad?.

Ask Siri How many days until July 20th? or How many days between July 20th and August 15th? and you can learn exactly how many days are between these dates.

9. Flip a Coin or Roll a Dice

Feeling lucky?  You can say, Flip a coin or Roll the dice and Siri will give you heads or tails or with dice a set of numbers.

10. Ask for Walking Directions

Traveling in a new city? You can ask Siri to, Get walking directions to The Teatro Theatre.

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