You Shall Not Pass

To avoid being fraped, or worse, hacked, take a look at this quick list of password tips:

1. Use a Password Manager

You can use a Password Manager service to generate and store your various passwords and username for every site, while you just need to remember a master password. We are big fans of LastPass which allows you to generate difficult passwords and then save them within your vault, meaning remembering ultra secure passwords is a thing of the past.

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication

This feature is a must for when your email account has been hacked. Any changes to your account have to be authorised twice; once by an email, and again on your phone via an app or text message. Google, Facebook, Twitter and others all offer this, make sure you set it up.

3. Don’t Be Lazy

Don’t use obvious passwords like “qwerty”, “password” or your dog’s name. Pick a strong password that won’t be easily guessed. Try to combine words and numbers and use symbols.

4. Don’t Repeat

Never use a password more than once. If your one account becomes compromised (and you use the same password for other sites) then all your accounts become vulnerable.

5. Don’t Share

It doesn’t mean you love her when you share your password with her, it means you are a complete fool! According to, one of the main reasons you shouldn’t fall into this trap is that you and your partner may have different trust levels and, therefore, you deal with sensitive information differently.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay safe online and at least avoid the most common mistakes: