Whether you love it or want to get it out of your face, the selfie is here to stay. If you are competing in the Instagrammies, then avoid these 5 things:

Never EVER Duck Face

Duckface selfie

Unless you want Donald to take you on a date, then what the hell are you doing? It is a trend that, unlike, skinny jeans or vinyl, should never come back. The best is to smile and look natural. Looking like you are trying too hard or faking it is a major turn-off.

Hot Dog Legs

Hot dog legs


Sure, you’re looking super tanned and skinny, but you also look like you should be enjoyed with mustard, and not in a good way

Couples Selfie

Banksy Couples

No one cares about you and your gf’s/bf’s kissy-kissy. This includes screenshots of your text messages (cringe). No matter how fast your little hearts are throbbing for each other, no one else will understand or care (sorry).

While you’re at it, if you aren’t driving the DeLorean, avoid the “me and my car” couple selfie as well – jealousy makes people nasty, and nasty makes them not like your selfie.

Inappropriate Selfie


I understand that you are dying to show-off how good you look crying, but seriously, avoid the TERRIBLE #FuneralSelfie. Basically avoid anything to do with old people.


Check yo’selfie

People notice, so double check everything from cereal stuck in your beard to the background for embarrassing items or photobombers before posting.

Selfie background fail