Back in 1839, it took Robert Cornelius up to 15 minutes as well as exposure to dangerous chemicals to take his selfie. It’s way easier today, especially with these simple selfie tips:


Angles can do wonders for a selfie. Downward angles should be avoided at all costs – no one has ever said: “Wow, sexy double chin” or “I love his gaping nostrils”.


Selfie - Angles


According to OKCupid, the most popular angle for woman is the Myspace angle, which is when she takes the photo from above, looking ever so coy. The selfie shot most popular among men is the ab shot, which is a shirtless photo taken in the mirror.


Lighting is everything when it comes to your selfie. Natural light in the morning or late afternoon is always your number one price. Light from slightly above and behind you is usually the best, ensuring that your face is highlighted.

Selfie lighting

Avoid direct light which will cause you to (unflatteringly) squint. Avoid overhead lighting which will cause dark shadows to fall under your eyes, making you look tired and emo.

The flash is a selfie’s foo. Either it reflects in the mirror and ends up cutting out your head or it washes out your entire face leaving only teeth, eyeballs and nostrils – a look very few can pull off.


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Don’t shy away from using filters and editing to enhance yourselfie. A survey conducted by Optimum found that the top feature edited in selfies is skin tone and filters are great to hide your winter paleness.

If you are having a particularly bad-selfie-day, Perfect365 (iOS | Android) has cool editing features from eye enhancers to basic touch ups and it’s FREE!





Always try to use your phone’s rear-facing camera (main camera) because it has a higher resolution than the camera on the front, resulting in higher quality photos.

If you’re using an iPhone, you can press the up volume button on the side to easily snap your selfie. 


Selfie - Camera


Bonus tip:  Prop your iPhone up against something, get into position and use its earphones to take a photo by pressing the up volume button on your earphones.


Sometimes the background can be a bit busy and distracting, after all, the selfie is about you and your face. You can solve this by cropping in on your face while taking the shot. But don’t zoom in too much as this will cause the photo to lose its quality.


Selfie - Cropping


But if the background is appropriate, try to include it in a creative way, but still featuring the most important element of a selfie – you. And sometimes the more the merrier.

Selfie - Oscar Simpsons