From the makers of Angry Birds SeasonAngry Birds Star WarsAngry Birds RioAngry Birds Friends and Bad Piggies, Rovio takes it a step further and brings you Angry Birds Epic.

 This new release is an RPG  version of the Angry Birds franchise and it’s way more intricate, with character classes, enemy types and upgradeable weapons and armour.

 The Plot

The story behind the game stays simple – as always, the pigs have kidnapped the birds’ eggs, and the birds want them back! So you, and the collection of birds you find along your adventure, go on a mission to retrieve the stolen eggs through the piggies’ kingdom. This time around the pigs don’t just sit around and wait for you to destroy them, they fight back and they are NASTY!

How it works



To attack the evil pigs, draw a line from your chosen attacking bird to the pig. This attack will cause the attacked pig’s stats to degrade, until eventually the pig is destroyed. As with the previous games, each angry bird has different abilities and you can add some extra power to your angry bird’s attack by tapping it and charging up its power. You can upgrade weapons and armour, which will increase your attack and defence stats.

Again, as with the original Angry Birds, you are grated with stars at the end of every level. With the new game you also get a wheel to spin, depending on the number of stars you have, the more upgradable material you get, so stars become important.

Eventually you will have the ability to switch between a variety of attacks and spells in order to defeat the piggies. As the game progresses, it definitely becomes more challenging, and enemies will become much harder to defeat.




Each bird fits into a different class. The Red Bird is a knight that excels in physical attacks and defense spells. Matilda the White Bird specializes in healing. Bomb the Black Bird is a pirate, and his specialty is explosions that rip through the enemies’ defenses. Chuck the Yellow Bird has a skill that lets him bestow another turn on a fellow party member. Since many of the birds can equip weapons that cause secondary effects, Chuck’s skill comes in very handy.


We say it is a win! Though the game might become repetitive, it quickly warms-up with more challenges.

We suggest you download it now, for FREE, from iTunes and GooglePlay .