Thinking about spending a bit extra on a top of the range HDMI cable so that you can get the best possible picture/audio quality for your HDTV? Well, think again!

monster hdmi cable rip off scam


The guys over at put together this great infographic showing the massive rip off with HDMI cables. The truth, as the infographic points out, is that there is absolutely no difference between the cheapest and most expensive HDMI cables, at least over shorter runs. If you’re wiring an entire house, you may find these cables to be worth it.

To understand why you shouldn’t pay extra, you need to understand the difference between analog and digital. With analog cables, the signal degrades, with digital cables such as HDMI, it either works or it doesn’t. The signal doesn’t degrade any more than your JPEGs degrade when you put them on a thumb drive.

Check out the infographic below:


hdmi cable rip off infographic