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Hitler is informed of the great HDMI rip off

Hitler finds out about the Great HDMI cable rip off… that all HDMI cables deliver the same audio & visual quality.

We think that the HDMI cable rip off is a big deal. So we created this Hitler Rage meme. Please send it around and share as much as possible. Get the word out there and let everyone know!


About Matthew Arnold

I'm a total tech junky, everything from mobile to home entertainment - if it has buttons or a touch screen, I need it. Avid PC & Xbox gamer. Follow me @matthewarnold

One comment

  1. Anthony Graham Kalam

    To think i actually did go out and but a more expensive cable for my 3D player even thoughit came with a 3D hdmi cable.Damn i didnt know i was so gullable.

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