If you are constantly nagging your children to play outside or with toys, instead of poking at pixels all day long, your battle just got tougher. Lego is going digital in a very cool way!

On 19 June, Lego Systems Inc. announced the soon-to-be released next big project for Lego, LEGO FUSION games.

This is how it works:

“For kids, it’s really just one world,” said Ditte Bruun Pedersen, senior design manager at Lego’s Future Lab. “It’s all about the play for them”

Build something with Lego blocks in real life, take a picture of your creation with your device and then watch how it becomes part of the digital world in the Legal Fusion app on your device.

The app relies on AR cards to position the camera on your device and then scans of the Lego blocks are used to move your creation from physical to digital.

The possibilities are basically endless, with only 2 rules:

  1. the structures must be created on a Fusion Capture Plate and;
  2. each structure must have a door.

A lego man is seen carrying your structure on screen and once you have selected a building spot, he drops your structure and virtual lego blocks build an entire structure around your one lego wall. The result is a building that is fully enclosed but maintains your original, physical design through-out.

Each Fusion kit comes with just over 200 Lego pieces and only these pieces will be recognised by the app.

Upon launch you will be able to download the apps for free and play demo games, however since the special Lego blocks are needed for the camera to orientate itself, you will have to pay about $35 for the kit, even if you have all the matching lego blocks already.

4 games are set to be released this year so far:

1. Battle Towers

Lego Fusion Tower

Players build a tower and defend it against attack so they can ultimately rule the virtual kingdom.

However, don’t expect any blood and guts with the ages–7-and-up-rating.

Towers can battle other gamer’s towers.

2. Town Master

Lego fusion

Town master is expected to be the first in the lego fusion series and it will be available August 2014 in the US.

This game will turn your physical creations into a 3D digital structure. The next part is really cool – the game’s goal is to make the townspeople happy. They will let you know what they want via talk bubbles. Depending on the amount of the townspoeples’ happiness, your avatar’s happiness will either grow or shrink.

Townspeople can even take virtual public transport to visit other gamers’ towns!

3. Create and Race

Lego Fusion create and Race

The create and race game allows you to design your car in the app and then construct it in real world using step-by-step instructions.

Once a custom vehicle is digitally designed, physically built, and imported to the game, it can be optimised to be used for racing, demolition or stunts.

You will be able to save your races and then share them with others. While there is no realtime racing, you can race the ghost of a friend’s car from one of their saved races.

4. Resort Design

Lego fusion resort design

This one is for the creatives!

After building structures, capturing them and importing them to the game, players can design the interiors of 3-D digital structures, such as an aquarium, surf shop and beach houses.

One of the best parts about the Lego Infusion games is that you don’t have to break up your creation and put it in a box before bed, you can save them to the cloud with a lego ID and access you awesome creations on any compatible device. The play never has to stop!