Here are 5 reasons why we can’t stop playing Let it Goat:

Like Flappy Bird it is rather useless but extremely addictive! From the catchy tune and the funny sound effects to spikes and zombies, this game is what mobile gaming dreams are made of.


Let it Goat - Gems




We’re completely obsessed with the main character, Mounty, a goat who runs around all day, jumping over spikes and zombies. Mounty rides on a bear sometimes when you power-up (extra life).


Let it Goat - Sharing



Despite it’s simple appearance the game is very detailed and involves some skill. While dodging spikes and zombies, you also aim to collect gems (100 Gems = 1 Bear).

Let it Goat - Daily Bonus



Users are encouraged to tweet their high scores to the creators, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky and they might follow them on Twitter.

Let it Goat - Jack and Jack


It’s available on iTunes AND GooglePlay!