Following on from the trend of smart homes and “The internet of Things” concept, we came across this awesome little gadget that will bring some cool tech to your garden.


Droplet is the world’s first smart sprinkler system that combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and connected services to transform the way sprinkler systems function.

Droplet keeps your plants healthy without wasting water by drawing upon a vast system of data to intelligently determine how best to care for your plants. By being smart, precise and frugal, Droplet can lower your sprinkler water consumption by up to 90%

What I find really cool is the data that you get from Droplet. It shows advanced analytics on how much water goes into a lawn, garden or flower-bed so homeowners can better manage water usage. Droplet can be setup to match any specific watering restrictions in effect, saving the planet at the same time. We just get turned on by the awesome data:

smart droplet data

Check out this video on the SmartDroplet or head across to Amazon to order one.