1. Stop Screen Flipping


Lock Screen


Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. That will reveal a set of music controls and other settings. Touch the grey icon with a circular arrow in the top right corner. Once you’ve tapped this icon a message will appear stating that, Portrait Orientation Lock: On.  This will ensure that your screen stays vertical no matter which way you hold it.

If you can’t remember whether your screen has been locked or not, check for the lock icon next to your battery indicator in the top-right corner. This trick only works to lock the screen vertically. You can’t lock it to a horizontal orientation (obviously because certain websites and abs only support vertical screen viewing).

2. Take Super Fast Photos

Sometimes moments are missed while we are swiping though our apps to find the camera. There is a solution to this annoying hassle – click the home button twice or the lock button once, which will cause the camera app to appear along the right bottom corner of the screen.

Tapping this camera icon will take you directly to the camera.

Bonus trick: the volume-up button on the side of the phone will work as a physical shutter button.

3. Take a Burst of Photos

Hold down the shutter button in your camera and you’ll automatically activate burst mode. Your phone will take a bunch of photos in quick succession and saves them all to your Camera Roll.

4. Shake Your Phone to Delete Messages


Undo Typing


Change your mind about that long text you were about to send to your ex or that resignation email to your boss? Shake your phone, and an Undo Typing box will appear. By tapping undo the entire message will be erased.

If you are a fickle fellow and you changed your mind about changing your mind, shake your phone again and a Redo Typing box will appear, giving you the option to bring back the message you have just erased.

This action also works if you are editing a photo and you want to undo an action – you can give your phone a shake and a box will appear promoting you whether you want to undo that action.

5. Use Your Phone as a Level to Hang Pictures




Swipe left in the Compass app to access a level. Pretty cool.

6. Fast Charge


Super Charge


In a rush? Switch your phone to airplane mode and plug it in to charge twice as fast.

7. Locate Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

Is there anything worse than losing your phone? Now there is a way to be reunited with your beloved iPhone!

Once you’ve set up iCloud, go into the iCloud settings and enable Find My iPhone. You can also download the Find My iPhone app. Once activated, you can track your phone on a map. If you are getting really warm you can remotely make the phone play a sound, lock the phone, have it display an alert message, or even wipe its memory.

The one downside is that your phone needs to have battery power and service for this feature to work.

8. Get a More Detailed View of Your Calendar

Control freak? Mad planner?

If the monthly calendar isn’t fulfilling your scheduling needs, you can see a full colour coded weekly view of your appointments by simply turning the phone on its side. Scroll left to view past events. Scroll right to view upcoming events.

Bonus: If you flip the screen while in your Calculator it will switch to a scientific calculator!


9. Use the Camera Flash for Notifications


LED Notifications


Go into settings > general > accessibility > LED flash for alerts > on. This will prompt your phone to turn on the camera flash whenever you receive a message or email when the phone is set to silent.

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10. Format Text in Mail


Text Editing


If you want to get fancy with your emails sent from your phone, simply double-tap the word you wish to edit and an options menu will pop up, allowing you to bold, italicise or underline the word.

11. Access Your Drafts

Touch and hold the Compose button to switch to your list of saved message drafts.

12. Clean-Up Your Inbox

You can mass delete or move messages.

While in your inbox, tap Edit, select the messages you want to organise, then tap Trash or Move.

13. Have Text Read Back to You




This feature works in apps like Mail, Messages, and iBooks. iPhone can read text out loud in apps like Mail, Safari, Messages, and iBooks. Simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and turn on VoiceOver. The voice sounds like Siri, and you can alter her tempo, pitch, and other settings.

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t seem to work with the iOS Kindle app.

14. Let Your iPhone Do the Typing

Dictation lets you talk where you would type. Tap the microphone button on the bottom row of the keyboard, say what you want to write, and your iPhone converts your words into text.

15. Add Typing Shortcuts

For example, you can type OMG and your iPhone will automatically enter it as Oh my god.

To add a shortcut, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut.

Bonus: You can create shortcuts for emoji, too.

16 Use the Timer to Automatically Turnoff Music




If you are prone to falling asleep while listening to music, only to be rudely awoken by some death metal? Now you can use the Timer to turn off your music automatically.

Go to the Timer > When Timer Ends > Stop Playing. Set the timer for your desired length and start playing your lullabies. Once the timer has run out, it will automatically switch off your music allowing you to rest peacefully.

17. Organise Your Photos

Don’t you just hate it when you spend 20 minutes scrolling through your Camera Roll to get to your desired photo? To avoid this, organise your photos into folders.

Tap Photos > Edit > Add. You can name the folder and choose which Camera Roll pictures to put in it.

18. Timestamp on Messages

By simply touching and dragging your text bubble, you can see the timestamps for the respective texts.

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19. Passcode with Letters

To use a password instead of a passcode to unlock your phone, simply go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn off Simple Passcode. Once you do this, a QWERTY keyboard screen will pop up and let you set the password.

20. Scrolling up

While on a Web page, quickly double-tap at the top of your screen, and you will go up at the beginning of the Web page. This feature also applies to text messages.