So, you recently reconnected with your Grade 1 classmate, who has since become rather annoying, but you don’t really want to unfriend her. Here are 3 ways to silent friends without the awkwardness of unfriending them:

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 1. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid

Instead of breaking your poor mother’s heart by unfriending her, simply hide her from your timeline.

Here’s how: Click on the “V” or “X” in the top right corner of one of her posts > “Hide” > “Change what updates you get…” > Customise what you wish to see from her in future.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.11.02 PM

2. Do a disappearing act

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.48.18 PM

Pretending to be friends with your ex, but you don’t want him to see your posts or profile? You are able to customise your settings so that he cannot see your profile (or parts of it), while you are still able to see his (or what he allows you to see).

Here’s how: Go to “Privacy Settings and Tools” > “Who can see my future posts” > “Customise” > “Don’t share this with…”

 3. Turn off chat

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We all have that annoying friend who sends us 10 chat-lines before we have even had time to scroll-down our time-line. Now you can turn off the chat feature, without having to unfriend someone on Facebook.

Here’s how: While in the chat window of the specific person you are trying to avoid > “Settings” > “Turn off chat for…”