Macbook keyboard Shortcuts

If our previous 5 Macbook Keyboard shortcuts weren’t enough for you, here are 5 more:

1. View all open Windows

This keyboard shortcut is particularly helpful when you’ve spent days on your Macbook and need to go back to something you did twelve windows ago.


Command + Shift + Tab

2. Create a New Document

Use this keyboard shortcut to create a new document in the application you are using.


Command + N

Macbook Keyboard Shortcuts 1

 3. Save Easily

If you are busy with something and need to quickly save it, this keyboard shortcut allows you to save or duplicate a document by displaying the Save As dialog box.


Command + S to save changes to an existing document

Command + Shift + S

4. Format text

Use this keyboard shortcut to apply the format of the document to pasted text.


Command + Shift + Option + V

Macbook Keyboard Shortcuts 2

 5. Undo and Redo

This shortcut allows you to undo or redo previous commands.


Command + Z to undo a previous command

Command + Shift + Z to redo a previous command