We all know the basic MacBook keyboard shortcuts (hopefully), like Alt + Command + C (copy) or Alt + Command + V (paste), but check out these 5 Macbook keyboard shortcuts you may not have known existed:

1. Delete

Many first time Mac users don’t know this one, especially because it differs so much from the delete  function in Windows.


Command + D to delete any text in front of the cursor.

2. Look-up Words


Command + Control + D to look up a word you cursor is on.

macbook-keyboard 1

3. Minimise all Open Windows

This MacBook keyboard shortcut is particularly handy for when you have had a late night of surfing and your poor machine is overloaded with open windows.


Command + Option + M to minimise all open windows into the Dock.

4. Instant Force Quit

This shortcut allows you to bypass the Force Quit application and instantly Force Quit a crashed application.


.Hold down Command + Shift + Option + Esc for a few seconds


5. Take a Screen Shot

Most people know how to do this on their iPhones, but not on their MacBooks.


Command + Shift + 3 for the entire screen.

Command + Shift + 4 for the option to snap part of the screen.