Who has the time to wait around for a phone to charge?

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Here are 5 tricks to improve your Android phone’s battery life:

1. Use the Extra Power-saving mode if you have it

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has Ultra Power Saving and HTC One (M8) has Extreme Power Saving modes. Both have the ability to limit  the power your uses phone to text, make calls, go onto Facebook, etc.

2. Go to the Dark Side


Most Samsung phones have a AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen. The reason why switching to a back interface improves your Android phone’s battery life is because AMOLED screens only light up coloured pixels, which means black pixels don’t light-up.

3. Reduce Cloud back-ups

Because this feature runs a lot of downloads and uploads it naturally sucks the life out of your Android phone’s battery life. Make sure to customise your settings to allow for manually back-ups so that your phone isn’t constantly using battery power (and data) doing automatic downloads.

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4. Turn-off Fancy Features

Android Battery

Features like smart scrolling and air gestures are really cool, but if you’ve played around with them and you don’t really use them in your every day life, they are needlessly draining your Android phone’s battery life.

5. Keep your Software Updated


Software updates sometimes include bug fixes that reduce battery draining, so be sure to check for updates for your phone’s software.