The most annoying thing in the world is when your mobile phone stops being mobile and you have to charge it.

Here are 5 tricks to improve your iPhone battery life and prolong that inevitable charging ceremony:

1. Control your Settings

iPhones come with a lot of awesome functions like WiFi and Bluetooth, but if you aren’t using a particular function you should disable it to prolong your battery life.

Bonus Tip: Charge your iPhone twice as fast by switching to Airplane Mode.

2. Climate Control

iPhone - Climate Control

Like any machine, your iPhone (especially the battery) can’t handle the heat and it will even tell you when it gets too hot. Increased temperature can rapidly reduce your iPhone battery life, so keep your iPhone out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

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3.  Turn Parallax Motion Off


Though a very cool effect, it uses a lot of battery power and isn’t really necessary once you’ve played around with it a bit. The reason why this effect sucks the life out of your iPhone battery is because it uses internal motion sensors that collect a lot data, like adjusting the screen based on the angle you are holding your iPhone.

To do this:  Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > On.

4. Turn Location-Related Features Off

Location-related functions are another amazing and useful feature of the iPhone, but if you aren’t using the GPS enable features, your  iPhone’s battery life is being needlessly drained.

To do this: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and check which services are turned on and turn them off if you aren’t using them

5.  Update iOS Regularly

Sometimes iOS bugs can drain your iPhone’s battery life, so be sure to update your software whenever prompted.