Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition has launched on PS4 and Xbox One and although the game is now over 2 years old this version is by far the best version of the game.

The Diablo III that launched back in 2012 suffered from lots of major issues from the Auction House to the underwhelming loot drop system. However, to their credit, Blizzard listened to what the community wanted and updated the game through a series of patches culminating with the launch of the expansion pack Reaper of Souls. What this means is that if you pick up a copy of Diablo III Ultimate Edition on PS4 today, you will get the ultimate iteration of the game, with all the benefits of 2 years worth of optimisation. Lets have a look at what you can expect.


With the power of the PS4 Blizzard has managed to greatly increase the graphics from the PS3/Xbox 360 versions and the game now runs at a beautiful 1080p at 60FPS on the PS4. However the overall effects are not quite up to the level of high end PC. Having said that one thing that I noticed straight away was the loading speed on PS4 is remarkably quick. Entering dungeons, using Town Portals etc are super snappy and keep the demon bashing pace at a furious level.


The in-game menu’s for inventory and skills management use a different system to that of PC, with a radial system that works pretty well. There are quite a few frustrations for those of us who have played hundreds of hours of Diablo III on PC but it does a good job overall. They have implemented a quick equip feature which allows you to quickly view an item without having to open a menu, and equip it right then and there. Unfortunately all this fails to capture the strategic feeling of inventory management, keeping certain items for specific situations. It’s just not that easy to keep a large amount of inventory within your view.


The Ultimate Evil edition comes with the Reaper of Souls expansion which includes both a whole new Act as well as the introduction of two new game modes (Adventure and Rifts)

The story in Diablo III did kind of miss the mark despite some epic cutscenes and that hasn’t changed in this version. The extra class (Crusader) plus the Adventure mode will provide with a enormous amount of replayability and allows you to play Diablo for the hack and slash it is and forget the story entirely. The new difficulty setting make it much easier to switch up difficulty as your start getting better gear and allows you to reap the rewards while doing so.

diablo III characters


You can expect the exact same fast paced action as in any previous Diablo III build. However a big change that came with the Reaper of Souls expansion (included in the Ultimate Edition) is the introduction of the Loot 2.0 system. It is the single biggest improvement, revamping the way loot drops and bringing more of the right kind of loot to your character. Expect more legendary items and overall a much better looting experience. My only issue on the PS4 version is the way you pick up loot in multiplayer mode. While playing with a friend on the couch your loot gets dropped and assigned specifically for each character (which is great) however either character can pick it up for the other one (not so great). What this means is that if your partner decides to pick up every piece of loot you can expect lots of hours of waiting while you clean out your inventory.

There are some fun additions like the ability to gift legendary items to your friends and the inclusion of  powered up monstors that have defeated your friends finding their way into your game for an instant battle.


The couch co-op however is exactly what Diablo III needed and makes the game very social and fun. It’s a great reason to pick up the Ultimate Edition even if you already have Diablo III on PC. It’s fast and fun and with it’s Apprentice System it means that your current level doesn’t matter. So grab a couple of mates and beers and settle in for hours of demon slashing madness!

diablo co-op ultimate evil editon

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition was developed and published  for Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One by Blizzard Entertainment and was reviewed on a PS4.