Dynamo, the magician who famously walked across the River Thames and “levitated” from the side of a London double-decker bus, has disappointed fans with his recent trick.

As seen in the images below, Dynamo recently performed a stunt where he claimed that he was levitating about 309m in the air off the Shard building in London. However, many fans and onlookers took to Twitter to complain that they could spot Dynamo hanging from wires.

Dynamo Featured

Now, all of us older than 5 know that Dynamo couldn’t really do magic, but this is rather sloppy for the usually perfect illusionist. His tricks include winning £10,000 when he correctly predicted how Spain would win Euro 2014 from the quarter finals onwards.

Dynamo also hangs (no pun intended) with some famous friends and his previous tricks include levitating Lindsay Lohan, making Prince Charles hide behind his hands and performing card tricks to Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg. But unfortunately fans were not impressed by catching him out and spotting the wires during the recording of the trick as part of the final season of his show.

Dynamo tweeted a pic of the sky to his 2.2 million followers (the most followed magician in the world) with the caption “the view is great up here #lookup”. His followers adhered and were severely disappointed to clearly see the wires from which he is hanging. They took to Twitter to call him out:

Dynamo Tweet 2



People got pissed:

Dynamo Tweet 1