Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the new sequel from Gameloft’s popular first-person shooter franchise, and it’s the best FPS for mobile to date.


Modern-Combat-5 - Storyline

The game’s introduction takes place in Venice, Italy. Your character, Phoenix, is involved with a private military company that has betrayed him. Jonathan “Bull” Taylor, and Alex Hawk are some of the game’s characters.

The story is then divided into six chapters and each chapter has missions, spec-ops missions and multiplayer missions.

The story isn’t exactly riveting stuff and is closely modelled after the Battlefield and Call of Duty games on consoles and PCs.


Modern Combat 5 - Gameplay

In order to move to the next chapter you will have to finish all the story missions and a few spec-ops or multiplayer tasks in your current chapter.

Each chapter takes place in a different zone like a city or a military base and each chapter contains up to 6 missions to advance you through the story.

We suggest that you turn on the aim assist, auto-sprint, and auto-crouch to improve your playing experience. Shooting becomes easy when aim assist is turned on and it is relatively easy to nail head-shots. You also have the option to stab a close-range enemy.

You can choose from  four classes:

  1. Recon,
  2. Assault,
  3. Heavy and
  4. Sniper

When you are in sniper-class you can control the motion of the bullet as time slows down, almost like Bullet Time in the Max Payne games.


Mordern Combat 5 - Multiplayer

You have the option to join a squad for team-based multiplayer modes. There are five modes to choose from:

  1. Free-for-all,
  2. VIP,
  3. Squad Battle,
  4. Capture the Flag and
  5. Team Battle

VIP mode is our favourite, where a VIP player is chosen randomly and who leads the team into battle. The VIP player scores bonus points for special skills shown.

Graphics and Sound


The graphics and background music is amazing. The game is really visually beautiful and the textures are of high quality and detail. The best part is that there is no drop in frame rate during high action scenes, ensuring that the visual experience stays amazing.


It’s incredibly difficult for mobile, touchscreen devices to compete with the precise control systems on consoles or PCs, but Modern Combat 5 is definitely the best out there, not only visually but in terms of gameplay as well.

With chapters broken up into five-minute missions, the game is perfect for short breaks to the bathroom or for a smoke and the entire single-player experience lasts for about 3 hours if played continuously.

We suggest downloading it now for R89.99 on iTunes or on GooglePlay for R56.99.