At the Gamescom 2014 Sony press conference, Sony announced the upcoming release of update 2.0 for the Playstation 4. This update includes some pretty major updates.


Sony are finally bringing YouTube integration to the PS4 allowing you to share your gameplay videos directly to YouTube (hooray!), they are also adding improvements to finding friends and now recommending new like-minded friends for you.

The biggest news however is the introduction of SharePlay. SharePlay is the digital equivalent of traditional couch play. If you are playing at home and a friend is sitting with you then they just need to pick up a controller to join the game or you could pass them the controller to help you get through a tight spot. Well SharePlay allow you to do this online. Share you gameplay experience with another friend online without the need for them to own that particular game. Pretty awesome right?

You can read more about the update and SharePlay on the Playstation Blog.